The Plan

First and foremost let me be clear up front: this is not a true Master Cleanse. (I don’t want any purists hatin’ up in here.) But it will resemble one.

My diet plan is as such:

– Lemonade (water, lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper) all day whenever I want it

– One Carrot/Apple/Ginger/Lime juice mid-day at work

– Jasmine Green tea in the evenings if I want it (It’s my fave)

– Red clover and vitex tea every now and then to gently deepen the detox effect (My sister recommended it)

– Laxative tea every now and then (I can’t bear it every day, I’m in enough pain as it is)

– Salt water flushes – undecided (They are gross!)

Forty days and forty nights. Start date was Monday September 20, 2010. I will start to come off of it on Saturday October 30, 2010 and be eating solid food again on Halloween.

**UPDATED 9/27**

I drank one all fruit smoothie a day for the first 6 days then decided to cut them from the plan


6 thoughts on “The Plan”

  1. Dawn and Jackie that’s awesome! Keep me posted on your plans. We can definitely be a great source of encouragement to each other!

    (Do you guys remember meeting last Christmas at Dawn’s house for brunch?)

    Dawn – I don’t think the brand matters but it’s supposedly best if you get Grade B, definitely splurge on organic. Patti can get it for you at the co-op if you’re no longer a member. And shoot for 10 full days. So 12 total – one to cut back on food intake and prepare, 10 days on, and one day to slowly come off.


  2. One of the many things I love about you is your sense of adventure and your willingness to dive into the deep end. I’m just happy to have your writing to read on a regular basis. Love you.


  3. I am super duper excited about how to go about this! I read The Master Cleanse I couple of months ago and although you are creating your own Cleanse here, I have decided that I will do the Master Cleanse beginning Oct 4th. I do have a lot of questions…I will start with two. 1. What is your recommendation on the Maple Syrup brand? 2. What duration do you suggest for my first cleanse?

    I support you! Let’s get crazy!


  4. Gross! I hate Halloween candy! (At least you didn’t say candy corn, that would have made me barf, except there’s no food in my stomach)


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