The Stats

I bought my first scale today. I’ve never owned one as I think they promote paranoia. It’s bad enough I check my iPhone every 4 minutes for an incoming email, I don’t need to be thinking about my weight every day as well. But I am interested to see how big of a change I accomplish with this experience, keeping in mind that much of the initial loss is water weight and much of it will come back after I start eating again. Weight loss is not on my list of motivations for this cleanse but it’s inevitable and I’m sure I’m not the only one who is curious.

My scale is fancy. Somehow it calculates body fat and water percentages through my bare feet. I don’t know how that info will help me, but at the onset I’m within healthy range for my age (according to Weight Watchers who made the scale).

Since I’m already 6 days in I’m taking measurements with all my clothes on and padding them a bit to make up for what I’ve already lost.

So here are the approximate stats for Day 1:

Age – 32

Height – 5′ 6″

Weight – 140 lbs (I weighed in today at 135.6 lbs)

Body fat percentage – 24.3%

Body water percentage – 55.2%

Bust – 35 1/2″

Waist – 28″

Hips – 39″

Thigh – 21 1/2″

Calf – 15″

Bicep – 11″

Wrist – 5 1/2″

Finger – just kidding

I’ll update these at the halfway point and again at the end.


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