Smoothies Are Out, But I’m Keeping The Juice

It usually takes me about 45 seconds to suck down a 16 ounce smoothie. I hardly even appreciate its flavor as it slides past my taste buds. Considering I own a smoothie cart and have been drinking one every day for years, it makes sense that I no longer pay much attention to them. Sad though since they’re so tasty! (The PSC is open in downtown Portland M-F from 10am-3pm – Ha ha! Just kidding!)

Well the one I had on Saturday took me about 3 hours to consume. And it wasn’t about savoring tastiness, there just wasn’t any room for it. Plus I felt guilty, like I was cheating myself, because that’s exactly what was happening. As my friend Travis put it, it just got in the way. It was a crutch in the way of my freedom.

How funny to think that after just a few days on a new path a fruit smoothie can feel like junk food, but it did. So they’re out. Smoothies are officially cut from the diet plan and I made it through yesterday and today without any issues. That means I am no longer consuming any solid food, only liquids from here on out.


3 thoughts on “Smoothies Are Out, But I’m Keeping The Juice”

  1. hmm…makes sense how the thickness of the smooth would seem like a lot. I am excited to start, but a little freaked about your description of day 3! lol! I’ll do it anyway, starting Oct 4, but now I know to plan my schedule around day 3 lv:)


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