Clarity In Small Doses

Clarity in small doses, like the kind I came to last night, manifests as loss of fear, which then turns into courage. From there all we need to do is take action.

The action I took last night was in the form of reaching out to a past loved one, reminding him I still care and being clear that I am happy for him with his new wife and baby.

Not only did I awake this morning to a kind response from a man who has clearly grown in the last two years, I awoke to less pain. Today my limp was considerably smaller and halfway through the day I squatted without even thinking about it. I can also flex my ankle again!

Each of these bits of progress feels enormous.


4 thoughts on “Clarity In Small Doses”

  1. Wow. I feel like I use that word too much in replying to your blog, but seriously…wow. Amazing step on an amazing journey! You ARE making enormous progress. It’s all about taking the time to acknowledge yourself for it, and I’m happy to be here to read all about it.


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