What Up Day 20!

Dudes! I made it to the halfway point and I’m still going strong. So far I feel that my mental state and emotions have taken a much harder hit than my body. So long as I stay properly hydrated and rested, I feel great and I look great too. As of this writing I’m feeling no pinch or nerve pain whatsoever. I don’t suspect that it’s gone for good yet, but my condition has improved substantially.

Here are the updated stats:

Day 1 Day 20
Age 32 32
Height 5′ 6″ 5′ 6″
Weight 140 lbs 126 lbs
Body fat percentage 24.30% 22.30%
Body water percentage 55.20% 56.70%
Bust 35 1/2″ 34″
Waist 28″ 26″
Hips 39″ 36″
Thigh 21 1/2″ 20″
Calf 15″ 14″
Bicep 11″ 10″
Wrist 5 1/2″ 5 1/2″

I’m a little disappointed that I haven’t lost any inches from my wrists. I’m kidding! I’ll update these one more time at the end.


2 thoughts on “What Up Day 20!”

  1. yowza, jenny! you’re half-way there! you are so amazing.

    i’m just getting started… cut out all alcohol 2 days ago. (for me, a big deal) down to just one small cup of coffee in the AM, and no other caffiene (also a big deal!) today, it’s all raw foods and no carbs or heavy proteins.

    tomorrow, the coffee goes.
    (YIKES!!! this is always the hardest part for me.)
    and i’ll start on the herbal support. (not sure yet what i’ll use, exactly.)

    we’ll see how i feel, but i’m thinking tuesday or weds. will be the start of the real deal. juices, water, tea, herbs… that will mean 3 1/2 weeks until the new moon on the 5th. 21 days full on fasting, then 3 days to slowly wean off it. huzzah!


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