Another Slice of Awesome

Rainy days are great for podcasts and Radiolab’s episode called “Limits” is particularly fascinating. Jad and Robert interview triathletes, synesthetes and scientists to explore the perceived limits of the body, the mind and science in general.

When faced with total body collapse 400 feet from the finish line, Ironman Competitor Julie Moss says she made a deal with herself. Calling on a voice inside her she had never listened to before, she didn’t care if it hurt, she didn’t care if it was messy, she would finish. “That’s your ego that will come in and sabotage. Your real self, there is no limit.”

Watch Julie Moss’ incredible finish on YouTube. The entire podcast is downloadable for free from both iTunes and NPR. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Another Slice of Awesome”

    1. oh goodness no! no no no no. i don’t feel like julie moss running a triathlon at all. i don’t feel feel pushed to my physical limits – not even close. no. i wouldn’t still be doing this if i felt like my body was collapsing.

      sorry for such a strong reaction but if my mother read that i would get a call with her in tears begging me to stop. i feel great so far, no body breakdown at all (aside from one day in the woods when i really just needed to sleep to rejuvenate).


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