Emotion Junkie

Intellectually I understand that I didn’t have a crush on a real person, I had a crush on an idea I created and projected onto a stranger. All that really happened was the stranger didn’t project anything onto me. Smart guy. Or he read my blog and thinks I’m a weirdo. Whichever.

Emotionally it’s so much harder for me to let go. The biggest question I have for myself so far on this cleanse is this: Why is it so easy for me to go without food, but so hard for me to go without expectation and worry?

Food is what I actually need for survival. I don’t need to worry about strangers liking me back. I don’t need to live in a fantasy world of unrealistic expectations. I need to eat. And yet… no one has heard me complain about food in 24 days without it!

Could it be that emotions are my vice? Am I an emotion junkie?

Maybe if I got a handle on this I could stop setting myself up for disappointment and like enjoy my life and stuff. Hmmm…


2 thoughts on “Emotion Junkie”

  1. I think it just goes to show how very difficult it is to quiet our insides. It’s easier for us to go without something critical to our survival than it is to be still. You’re not alone with that.


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