OK This Is Getting Boring

My little cat Roody has eaten turkey all her life. When she was a kitten it’s all she wanted. Beef made her retch. She turned her nose up to fish. It was just turkey, turkey, turkey.

Yesterday I wondered how many turkeys Roody has consumed in her twelve years but I couldn’t realistically fathom it. Today I’m wondering if she ever wakes up, walks over to her food bowl and thinks, “Man! Fucking turkey again?!”

That’s how I feel this morning. Think about it, this lemonade concoction is made of lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. And I’ve been consuming it non-stop for a month. That’s disgusting!

It’s time to rally so I can make it through this last stretch. I can do two more weeks. I can do two more weeks. I can do two more…


4 thoughts on “OK This Is Getting Boring”

  1. Girl – you are so strong you could do TWELVE more. So this is gonna be a breeze. Anything you put your mind to…. (But also I give my “listen to your body” plea here…if it doesn’t feel right, it’s not right and that does NOT mean you failed. You are a success no matter what!). LOVE!


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