True Story

You know that feeling you get when you’re in your car heading out of town on a road trip, when all you see before you is freedom and the open road? It’s the way you feel when you’re on the dance floor fully absorbed by your favorite song, twirling and twirling without a care. Like when you’ve just climbed a mountain and you’re on top of the world or you’re rockin’ out at a wicked concert and the band is playing perfectly, the crowd utterly engrossed.

It’s Friday night. I wanted to see Mumford & Sons at the Crystal Ballroom but didn’t get a ticket before they sold out. I hoped to see the cute guy at the dog park (new crush!) but he was a no show. I could have stayed out to celebrate a friend’s birthday all night and instead I drove to Staples to buy a printer. This should come as no surprise seeing as I am quite possibly the world’s most boring person and office supply stores rank high on my list of favorite things. But here’s the kicker: not only was there no let down or regret in my reality, I got that feeling in the car on the way home.

Didn’t even buy a printer. All I ended up with was a paper cutter.

But that feeling, it’s right there. I don’t have to look for it anymore. I don’t have to hope or pine for it. I don’t have to work for it or drink myself into oblivion in search of it. It’s just sitting there ripe for the plucking whenever I want it. I cranked Green Day on the car stereo, rolled the windows down and cruised home at a whopping 40 mph (oh Oregon and your safe drivers!) free as a bird, happy as a clam, and all those fine things in between.

Lingering sciatica pain aside, I feel better than I‘ve ever felt in my life. This cleanse is undoubtedly the coolest thing I’ve ever done and the best gift I could possibly give myself. I love today because I’m officially off the rollercoaster of emotions that usually clouds my days. I’m coasting on a wave of endless possibility and it is completely beautiful.

Much love to you all.


2 thoughts on “True Story”

  1. I’m so glad this is what you’re getting for your commitment and perseverance. I feel love of life and joy in every single word of this piece. And you’ve got days to go in which more magic can happen. Much love to you, my friend.


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