One More Slice of Holy Cow!

Going without anything for an extended period of time usually gives us a better appreciation for the thing once we get it back. For me it’s those relished moments when my leg doesn’t hurt and the joyful exclamations I’ll make when I start eating food again. For some of us though, things that are taken away are never given back.

Acclaimed film critic Roger Ebert lost his jaw to cancer four years ago. This New York Times interview with him is a stunning look at what he has accomplished since jaw removal surgery took away his ability to eat or speak. Aside from the struggle to go on living with his newfound condition, he took his lifelong love of food, started a blog and ended up writing an entire cookbook from memory. It’s called The Pot and How to Use It: The Mystery and Romance of the Rice Cooker.

Bravo Mr. Ebert! Thank you for sharing your joy and showing us what you’re capable of.


2 thoughts on “One More Slice of Holy Cow!”

  1. Sometimes humans are superhuman. What will be the first meal NEXT SUNDAY, Jennifer? I agree with Deb, put those skinny pants in the give-away pile and be ready to welcome the best of your old self back!


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