The Purging Process Has Slowed

First this was a process of removal, of purging. As I near the end I’m starting to think about the beginning of the next process, deciding what I want to bring back.

It’s hard to believe I’m so close. When I started this it felt like a completely daunting, almost unattainable goal. Now that it’s almost done it seems kind of small. I’m already feeling my focus switch to my business and National Novel Writing Month which begins next Monday. I’m certainly a taskmaster at heart. How I love checklists!

Hopefully this means I’ll coast through this last week. Friday will officially mark forty days. I’ll break the fast on Saturday with soup and solid fruit, then be back to normal by Sunday. Oh but normal is going to prove to be quite different, isn’t it? I can’t wait! Mostly I’m excited to eat smaller portions of better food and lose the general feeling of being bloated that I had come to accept.

This has been a huge process of redefining for me. It confirmed everything I already liked about myself and my life and showed me how easily I can discard or shift the things I don’t. Naturally there are things in life we can do nothing about because they don’t really have anything to do with us. I think I’ve learned a lot about how to better deal with, handle and accept those things.

Keeping it mellow tonight, lots of work for the cart to attend to…


One thought on “The Purging Process Has Slowed”

  1. So proud of you. It’s been such a pleasure to be able to read your words here. I’m hoping, at least for a while, that you’ll continue to write about your process as you work your way back into a more regular day to day.

    Also, I’m excited to hear that soup is a hit at your cart. That’s wonderful news.


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