The Come Down

What is this sense of let down I’m feeling today? Is it the onset of the Portland rains? My dog being sick? Slow sales at the cart? Is it something simple or is it larger than that?

I’m disappointed about my leg hurting again and considering my plans to get x-rays and see doctors. Doctors feel like defeat, as if something I worked really hard for is dying in front of me.

It could be that I’m mellow because I’m low energy because I’ve been drinking less lemonade because I’m giving up because I haven’t been sleeping well because I’m letting my disappointment creep in and take over.

Today’s horoscope helps me re-think it all:

More often than not, emotional situations don’t work out the way they should — like they do in the movies, that is — but now, thanks to something that happened recently under highly unusual circumstances, a magical ending could actually be on the agenda. Your job is to refuse to make an opera out of anything that could ruin that happy ending — anything you might be tempted to get involved with that isn’t worth the effort. Do your part. Dreams do come true.

So what’s my part? Is it still to keep shutting up and keep drinking lemonade? I mean it’s only three more days.  And while we’re at it what’s my dream? Oh yah, peace in the uncertainty.

So many questions today and very few answers. Tonight I choose to sleep on it.


2 thoughts on “The Come Down”

  1. There is no defeat in your pain. Or your feelings. Or more questions than answers. Finish this the way you started: with full commitment to bring all yourself to the task and to drink every drop of experience it offers. May these next three days be full of peace and magic. Take heart.


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