Ha! Seriously…

… this is today’s horoscope:

Is there a whole lotta shakin’ going on? Well, that’s no surprise, especially since you’ve seen fit to start making some big changes in your life. Initially, things might seem crazier or more unsettled, but you just have to hold on past these disruptions. All change is stressful — even change for the better. You may be revamping old patterns or foundations that had been in place for a very long time. Stay calm and it will get better soon.

And the fortune cookie inside the plain steamed chicken Chinese food I got for my dog who will eat nothing else (poor sicky pants!) says I will win success in whatever I attempt.

And with that, two more days seems like nothing.

Ego and fear will never go away entirely but if we put our hearts into it we get to say Fuck You! and try something else.

(Sorry I swear so much.)


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