This May Sound Weird

But I really miss fasting. It was like an almost effortless month long runner’s high. Regular life feels a bit dull and difficult again, bloated and hmph.

Yah that’s how I feel… hmph.

What to do to find that high in the day to day? Eckhart? Lao Tsu? Anyone?



5 thoughts on “This May Sound Weird”

  1. I agree – you’re just adjusting to daily life. There is no way to maintain a high like that as a lifestyle (unless you do drugs, and the cost of that sort of undoes the whole concept of living high). Could the holiday season, the money worries and the lack of light be contributing as well?


  2. Hi in the day to day? feeling hmph and making it feel joyous instead… choosing utter ridonculous happiness and seeing where that goes =) it’s worked once or twice for me… best thing outside of orgasms and drugs =)


    1. I get the once or twice, thanks. I’ve certainly gained a million tools to relax and get through the day and be at peace.

      I’m just being silly and pining for a feeling that was near constant for an extended period of time – as if I was suspended in a hot air balloon or constantly floating through the sky like you do after free fall and your parachute opens.

      I think it’s just a normal readjustment to normal life.


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