Crickets, Part Deux

Single guys my age don’t seem to have very long attention spans. Or maybe I didn’t text the right line to keep him interested. At any rate, I clearly have not convinced this guy I’m worth getting to know. It’s a bummer for one reason only: I really like his face. Can’t explain it any further, don’t have much to go on other than some photos and a profile blurb, just totally dig his face.

But alas, it’s crickets again. No word, no explanation, just another disappearing act.

Online dating has been a mixed bag of extremes for sure. I get nice messages that say:

Such beauty and energy coming out of your photos and profile.

Intelligent, fun and beautiful!? Fantastic!

How do you even get out of your house without being attacked by rabid suitors?

Best of luck to you and the lucky fella you meet.

And I get mean ones:

You are not special.

Get over yourself and turn off your chat applet unless you are trying to waste peoples time.

I hate people like you that don’t go with the program and then act all shocked when they get angry e-mails. You are asking for them. LOL whatever.

Women like you are a dime a dozen.

More often than not I just get ignored or dismissed. It’s all part of the game. Gotta take the bad with the good.

One guy said something really helpful that I’m trying my best to take to heart:

Enjoyed reading about you! I had some good advice a while ago, and essentially it was stop chasing, he/she will find you.

So at this juncture I’m deciding to take a breather from the chase (people somehow never look like their profile pictures in real life anyway). I’ll keep my profile up and check in to see what new messages arrive in the inbox. But rather than get upset or exasperated, I’m just going to back up and let it go.

Tonight I had the pleasure of watching a Krishna Das kirtan streaming live online from New York. It made me nostalgic for the city, missed home a bit too, but more than anything it brought me back to peace. Peace in the uncertainty is really all it’s about. Crying tears of joy is a beautiful way to spend an evening, feeling close to faraway strangers and getting to pet my dog the whole time too!

I am lucky. I have a good life. Just gotta keep on keepin’ on.


2 thoughts on “Crickets, Part Deux”

  1. At the very least, you’re getting some great things to write about. I’m really sorry about those horrible comments. I had no idea. That’s gotta hurt, no matter what.


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