Catch Me

Catch me, Journal, I’m starting to slip

Back into feeling stupid for leaving

Catch me

I’m forgetting why it’s better to be here than there

Today in the car on the radio I heard them playing Nick Drake

No one ever hears them playing Nick Drake on the radio, Journal

It’s because they never play him

But I heard it, I swear

And whoosh I was carried by the flood, almost drowned by it

Back to the happiness, back to the love

Back to every good thing that ever happened between us

And here I am now alone in my bed too late at night unable to sleep

Wondering what I’m doing with my life

Wondering why this loneliness is better

This loneliness is what I was afraid of, Journal

The fear of this loneliness kept me steady for so long

Or should I say stuck

So catch me, Journal, and remind me why this is better



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