Adjusted and Actually Happy

I cried every day for two weeks straight starting with that night in the parking lot at work. I cried in the shower, in the car, in the woods, before bed, when I woke up in the morning. I just cried and cried. The shock of the transition into a new environment and the sadness of this year’s Christmas have now passed and I can say I’m thankfully back to normal.

I really didn’t know if I was going to like working in a grocery store. My doubts were substantial. The new job has resurrected the pain in my hip, which really only lay dormant for a few weeks, from constant squatting and heavy lifting. But other than that I’m enjoying it. I already understand why everyone who works for my company likes working for my company.

1) The boss worked a ten-hour shift with us on Christmas Eve

2) We finished early the other night and played shuffleboard in the frozen food aisle

3) I have like twenty new friends

The steady paycheck isn’t hurting either.

I have a new rhythm now, working most days 3-11p. My diet (more on this later) was thrown out of loop from the constant stream of Christmas cookies and candies made available at work. There is always decadent food in the break room and we are encouraged to try it all. Working here is going to take more food resolve than I realized.

This week I’m working out my new life schedule, figuring out when to exercise, what to do with the neurotic puppy and how to eat to stay energized but not pack on pounds. I have much more free time now than I did when I was running the business. I’m excited to fill it with exercise and writing.

2010 brought so much internal change for me and now 2011 is almost upon us.  Here’s to new beginnings and continued success with everything we’ve been working on so far!


2 thoughts on “Adjusted and Actually Happy”

  1. Just caught up with all the writing you’ve been doing. I’m so glad to hear the new year is starting out bright for you. I’m excited that you’ll be doing more writing and hope we can connect with some of your new free time. Love you.


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