How To Laugh Alone in a Bookstore

Have brunch with the friend whose blog you have recently caught up on at Cup & Saucer on Hawthorne just like you always do. Talk about the new possibilities, the synchronicity of life and how all the good things happen when you stop searching for them. Smile, laugh, love her for being so incredibly awesome then leave her at her car with an enormously grateful hug. Walk to Powell’s.

At the bookstore peruse the shelves with little to no direction and stumble upon a coffee table book titled Great Yoga Retreats. Open to the page already bookmarked by the dust jacket. Start laughing. Laugh so hard you almost drop the book.

Laugh and laugh and laugh until it becomes uproarious and borderline maniacal. Look to your right and see Paramahansa Yogananda’s gentle face beaming at you from the cover of his book on the next shelf over and laugh harder. Exit the store.

Laugh on the sidewalk until tears stream down your face. Laugh as you get into your car and see your reflection in the rearview mirror. Laugh as you drive away.

Heading over the bridge on the way home, catch a glimpse of a billboard you haven’t noticed before: Don’t just work. Do what you love.

Think, “OK world. I got it.” Go home and submit your resume.


4 thoughts on “How To Laugh Alone in a Bookstore”

  1. I loved our time together. I can hear the sound of your laughter and of God’s, and my heart swells with joy for who you are and what you’re doing with your life.


  2. Your path seems clear Jennifer. I’m so happy YOU are so happy and that life is good for you. May it always be so. 🙂 I would really, really love to buy you lunch or dinner before you head on into the next chapter of your awesome life. Email me and let me know if and when that might be possible.

    All the best – Travis


    1. Thanks so much for your confidence in me! Gotta get the job first but it feels so right – I really hope it works out.

      I’ll email you soon


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