Next Stop Jupiter

Sold the cart today. Didn’t just sell it, sold it for a profit. Didn’t sell it to just anyone, sold it to a woman who’s going to haul it to it’s next life in Jupiter, FL. A woman I decided to take seriously who I could have easily blown off as crazy when she wrote to say she was interested. A woman who just happened to attend a life-changing 5-day intensive workshop with my Portland based yoga teacher last year at… you guessed it, Kripalu.

The workshop set her on a new path towards nutritious eating habits. It reminded her of her own awesomeness and ability to accomplish any goal she put in front of herself. It opened her up to the possibility of starting a fruit smoothie and juice cart in order to concentrate her energy on a healthier community for her and her friends.

She wrote on Wednesday to say she was flying in Friday because she just had a really good feeling about it. She had read my story and seen the D.I.Y. renovation photos on my website and understood us to be kindred spirits. We met on Saturday and it was instantly clear that this was the right and good thing. Yet another opportunity fallen from the sky. We talked of new possibilities, the synchronicity of life and how all the good things happen when you stop searching for them. The deal was decided: she would take a yoga class with Sarahjoy Marsh Sunday morning (the one I took every single week until I hurt my back) then meet me at the cart to exchange money and sign papers.

So it happened. And so it is done.

On the drive home I heard Drops of Jupiter by Train. That song was popular while I was in the midst of my long relationship. Every time I heard the line “Can you imagine your best friend always sticking up for you? Even when I know you’re wrong” I would burst into tears. My partner would ask why in the world I was crying again and I would sniffle, “It’s nothing.” I believed it was his job to be my best friend and to always stick up for me, and maybe it was, but our reality was that he wasn’t and he didn’t. The song was a reminder of the hopelessness of our situation and pushed me further down my negative spiral.

Time has passed. I’ve grown and re-established myself as strong and cool and totally kick-ass. When I heard it this time I was beaming and laughing and loving. Now I fully understand that I am my best friend. I’m the one who always sticks up for me and I’m the one who gets me through everything. I don’t do it completely alone. The positive influences have been multiplying ever since I decided to move in a direction of less worry and more love.

If Carrie Link were reading this she’d ask, “Jennifer, where’s the third Jupiter?” And I would answer, “It’s two posts down on the nadir, entering my 4th house of home.”

Something’s coming / I don’t know what it is / But it is gonna be great


3 thoughts on “Next Stop Jupiter”

  1. If I WERE reading this? I AM reading this! I read all your posts! Things are lining up, lining up, lining up. If you wrote this in a book (and you may want to consider that), your editor would probably tell you to tone it down because the no-accidents are over the top! If you were making it fiction it would be unbelievable, but because it is true, it’s believable.


  2. Woo-hoooooooooooooo! Congratulations!! It was bound to happen, but sounds like karma had very specific plans for it. Great news & what a wonderful new life for you AND the cart!


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