Out of the Running

I called my friend at Kripalu to cancel my second interview and take myself out of the running for the position there. The message went something like “I… well… it’s just that… I can’t but I don’t… I just… ummm… Thank you. I’m sorry.”

I can’t say yet which direction my life is moving. I’ve temporarily lost my ability to speak sensibly on a lot of issues because I’m in such an intense period of feeling. (This is a good, happy, positive thing.) I could easily tell you where I want it to go. The one thing I know for sure is I’m not heading east anytime soon.


2 thoughts on “Out of the Running”

  1. You are a brave and light-filled woman. I trust completely that you’re going to end up in a place far richer and happier than even you can envision at this point. Sending prayers for just that.


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