Operation Get Warm

This morning I awoke to a beautiful winter wonderland. The silent frozen earth turned a stark white from the soft snow blanketing the driveway, trees and yard. The absolute quiet that comes with freshly fallen snow gave the neighborhood an essence of peace and serenity.

Waiting at the door for Tobi to return from his morning business, one simple thought danced like a snowflake around my sleepy head: Fuck this shit! I’m moving to Hawaii.

My heart is there. It’s been there since the first time I went in 2005. You want to know what my number one favorite thing about Hawaii is? I’m never cold when I step out of the shower. That’s it. That is the definition of bliss to me: long warm shower followed by a continuation of being warm.

Warm = happy. And so, Operation Get Warm is officially under way. It will take me months to get there and more money than I currently have, but I think I can do it by fall. I hereby put my intentions out into the universe:

I will get myself and my pets and all of my most treasured belongings out of this bullshit climate and into the one I have forever believed we belong. And I will not allow money fears to stop me from accomplishing this goal.

I don’t know what I’ll do when I get there and I don’t care.

Because I’ll be in Hawaii.


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