Slice of Awesome Number 5

Evie Stevens got me out of bed at 7AM. Clear skies. Bright sun. Thirty-six degrees.

I read about her in an old issue of Bicycling magazine a co-worker left in the break room (Thank you Diana!). At twenty-five Evie casually joined her sister for a bike ride, decided she loved it and started racing. She immediately won every race she entered and within two years she quit her high paying Wall Street finance job and earned herself a professional athlete contract with HTC-Columbia alongside the likes of George Hincapie. She is a humble, hard working rock star of a woman and her story of focus and achievement is truly inspiring.

Because of her I was out of the house early, on my way to the Birch Trailhead. Because of her I did ten miles on the Wildwood Trail in Forest Park before breakfast. Because of her I feel totally awesome today.

Thank you for rockin’ it Ms. Stevens! Here’s hoping I can turn this into a new daily routine.

Check out the Bicycling article here.


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