Holy Interesante Batman!

Today’s slice of off-the-hook is brought to us by tennis star Novak Djokovic. He’s been on the rise in the world of tennis for a while. Last year Djokovic made one change to his diet and suddenly his career skyrocketed. “Since then he’s made the final of the U.S. Open, won the Davis Cup and Australian Open, defeated Rafael Nadal four times, and is currently on a 39-match winning streak, the third longest of the Open era.”

So what is he doing differently? He’s eating gluten-free.

I’ve been cutting back on gluten myself recently and I definitely notice a positive change in my energy and digestion after a few days without it. My results combined with Djokovic’s outstanding story are prompting me to go further with the experiment. I clearly don’t have a Celiac Disease level allergy to the protein. I’ve come to think of gluten like I now think of soy and carbs: if cutting down on my consumption helps me feel healthier and more energetic, then why not keep cutting it down?

Read the article on Novak Djokovic here and check out these websites for more info on gluten sensitivity and a gluten-free diet.


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