75 Days and Counting

Just got my acceptance letter from Kapi’olani! Now I know you don’t really get “accepted” to community college, you just get to go so long as you graduated high school and promise to pay, but still. It’s very exciting to get the letter because now it’s officially happening. They know who I am and they’re expecting me to show up. I even have a University of Hawaii student number!

Things are moving quickly and I’m sure the next two and half months will fly by. I’ve purchased my airline tickets, booked my car for shipment on a boat out of Seattle and developed a deep love for craigslist as I’ve begun the process of selling almost everything I own. The inversion table, Vita-Mix and canvas doggie camper are history. The vacuum’s been claimed by the landlords (Hi Janell!) and in a few weeks I’ll start planning a tag sale.

Now all I have to do is find a place to live and a job. Ha!

Speaking of jobs, I started working part-time at a hotel down the street from my house. Turns out the phrase “I’m going to school for this in the fall” works really well on a resume. It’s nothing fancy but it’s a start in the new field that will hopefully lead to something decent in paradise.

Holy fucking shit. I’m moving to paradise.


3 thoughts on “75 Days and Counting”

  1. Holy fucking shit I can’t wait to VISIT you in paradise. You are my hero!! Congratulations on everything. I love you so much!


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