Spring Cleansing

June in Oregon means a continuation of 100% cloud coverage and waking up to 55 degrees. I’ve been wanting to do a spring cleanse for quite a few weeks now and it’s much easier to do such things when it’s warm and sunny. Waiting and waiting for the sun to stay out, however, is proving hmmmm…. let’s see…. depressing, frustrating, a waste of perfectly good time, all of the above?

So screw it. Let’s just do this already. In seven days I leave for a trip back home which will undoubtedly involve pizza, more pizza and probably a few slices of pizza, so this is the perfect window of time to clean out and get my metabolism up to speed.

Today is actually day three, my old nemesis. It’s not feeling as impossible today as it usually does because I’m allowing myself fruit. On day one I ate an orange. On day two I had a few servings of fruit salad and today I’m squeaking by with an all fruit smoothie. I don’t feel the need for a full master cleanse this time around. I just want a process to go through that will wash away the winter blahs (along with all the cookies and cake I’ve eaten at work) and turn my energy back up to full.

I’ll have a grand total of ten days followed by a week on the gloriously sunny east coast. By the time I get back it should actually be summer in the Pacific northwest and from there well… it’s kinda gonna be summer forever!


One thought on “Spring Cleansing”

  1. Enjoy your cleanse :). I came off 12 days on June 3rd. It was nice to get rid of the blahs and all the shit I’d been eating!! Have an awesome time on the east coast Jen and once your back, if its at all possible, I’d love to share another meal before you head to paradise. Hugs! Travis


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