Then on Day Five

The tartar build-up from behind my bottom front teeth came loose and broke off. It was weird at first. I had something stuck between my teeth that felt like eggshells. As I ever so politely picked it out, I thought for a minute that my teeth were crumbling. But soon I figured out what it was and now I feel like I just stepped out of the dental hygienist’s office (without having to suffer the discomfort or stress).

There are countless stories all over the internet that read like folklore about physical oddities that can happen during a fast. Long forgotten stitches surfacing and breaking through the skin, diseases cured, who knows what coming out of who knows where. Detoxification is the expulsion of harmful toxins after all.

I guess this is my fun little tidbit to add to the mix. Who knew this time around I’d experience weight loss, better energy and a free teeth cleaning!


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