Dudes. I totally just inhaled a bowl of steamed spinach and kale.

Cleansing is a lot easier when you let yourself have food. I’m so used to sucking down gallon after gallon of cayenne pepper lemonade to stay just focused enough to ward off a headache and a mood swing. Eating fruit has been going so well, I figured why not add my favorite vegetables?

They were delicious and after a single serving I am stuffed to the gills. So much so that I feel a bit nauseous and unable to digest it fast enough, like I just gorged on a Thanksgiving Day feast with triple dessert.

I’m psyched to have reached a point where a 10-day fruit and veg cleanse is easy as pie. The first few times I tried were so incredibly difficult and ended like plane crashes much sooner than I planned. With practice and a cumulative loss of fear I’ve climbed to a new plateau where I can handle the process with ease. I’m not stressed out. My body isn’t trying to convince me it’s starving. All is well in J-Town. (Though, as usual, I can’t wait for Mexican food!)

My people, take this as a lesson. Discipline pays off.

(You know I’m kidding, right?)



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