Love Me Some Sherene

I first met Sherene Schostak in New York when I was 27 or 28. I went to her for a Saturn Return astrology reading. Having co-authored Surviving Saturn’s Return with Stefanie Iris Weiss, she is considered a bit of an expert on the subject. Our conversation was insightful to say the least and helped me make sense of the chaos that was Turning Thirty.

One thing she said in that reading has stuck with me to this day. This mystery that I’m so focused on in this stage of my life, this one nugget that feels like it’s going to be so important if I can just figure it out… I seem to recall her saying it’s going to make a lot more sense this year, 2011.

Clearly it’s wishful thinking that if I reconnect with her she’ll repeat that tidbit of information and all my stresses and worries will come to an abrupt end. (I’m a Piscean dreamer, I have to admit to thinking that way from time to time.) Regardless, she’s been on my mind and I wrote her to say hello.

She responded with this fascinating and timely piece about the Gemini-Sagittarius Eclipse that happened yesterday. It’s an excellent read and I encourage you all to give it a click and a gander. The eclipse represents an opportunity to confront the convenient lies we tell about ourselves and open up to the potential of “deeper self-realization and unexpected fortune. The Fortune archetype says: if miracles aren’t happening in your life, something is wrong.”

“Make a list,” she continues, “of all of the mental obstacles that prevent you from believing something miraculously huge could happen in your life.”

Word to that!

In a desperate attempt to see everyone I love within a very short period of time, most of my trip home will be split between Connecticut and New Jersey. My time in NYC is so fragmented I figured there’s no possibility of seeing Sherene, but I asked anyway just in case. Of course she happens to have one appointment available and it’s the only day and time I can make it. Coincidence? Whatever.


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