Countdown To Perpetual Sunshine

The grin has returned, the knot in my stomach redefined as excitement and oh my goodness. Nothing to do but get ready, ready for the big day, ready to take flight. Almost everything is sold, money socked away not for the rain but for the sun.

My friend just said, “In fourteen days you’ll wake up to a whole new life.”

Do you have a place to stay? Do you have a job? Did you save a lot of money? The answers to everyone’s questions no longer bring stress or doubt, only simplicity and truth. No. No. And no. Those aren’t the things that matter. What matters is the adventure. What matters is the decision to just go be happy, to be the me I’ve always secretly dreamed I could be. The early riser. The beach jogger. The solar powered health nut with more pets than furniture.

The rest will get figured out. Somehow it always does.


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