Taking Off and Landing

To say things are going smoothly would be an understatement. Aside from my nerves about flying with my pets, getting to Hawaii was one of the most pleasant travel experiences I’ve ever had. The animals were checked in without a single problem and none of them even made a peep. Every person I came into contact with was competent, friendly and careful with my little family.

Before we landed I was instructed on what to do upon arrival, then after landing was practically escorted off the plane. By the time I collected the suitcases, all of which arrived without incident, and picked up the rental car, the pets had been cleared and released from quarantine. When I pulled up to the office in the minivan my mother was waiting for me with all three in tow.

So we jumped up and down and did a little dance, piled into the car and checked a few things off our itinerary: dog park, pet store, scenic drive up the windward coast to our beach cottage.

In my first five days I showed my mother most of the island. She snorkeled in Hanauma Bay, climbed Diamond Head, watched the braying cockatoos dart back and forth at Lyon Arboretum, shopped in Haleiwa and Waikiki, and drove up and down the coast from Honolulu to Hauula at least a dozen times. Meanwhile I had two job interviews and two school orientations, and learned a lot about how to get to where I need to go.

The dogs are content. The cat is perfectly at home on the beach rental sofa. My mother is on a plane back home and I am feeling most grateful as I settle in to begin tackling my next hurdle: finding an apartment.

Wish me luck!


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