Adventures in the Mundane

I wish I could tell you about how I ran out of gas in my rented Jeep Wrangler and had to hitchhike down the Kamehameha Highway to the nearest gas station in the pouring rain, but unfortunately I made it there before the car stalled.

I wish I could tell you returning the Jeep and taking a cab to Sand Island to pick up my Subaru Outback was adventurous and crazy, the car, having fallen off the dock and into the ocean, was being pulled out with a crane as I watched on in horror. But unfortunately it was just there waiting for me in the parking lot without a single scratch or dent and I drove it away as if I had never left it.

I wish I could tell you the hot guy I met at my first department meeting, the one who sat next to me at orientation, was at school today and we have a romantic evening in Waikiki planned for tomorrow, but unfortunately I haven’t seen him since that initial introduction.

Instead I’ve just been running errands and driving around in circles trying to find an apartment. Last night I took myself to the movies and today I had sautéed spinach and a banana for dinner. If I was a better writer I could find some sort of entertainment for you in these last few days, but instead I’m choosing to appreciate that life is just life right now. I am neither overwhelmed nor ecstatic. I’m just good and content.

The apartment search is proving a difficult hurdle though. I’m getting no’s everywhere I turn in response to the dogs. This afternoon I was sitting under a tree on the campus lawn when I got yet another rejection from a place I really liked. I started getting frustrated and a little stressed out so I decided to check my horoscope. I kid you not, this is what it said:

It’s not a good day to move, whether literally or figuratively. Enjoy where you are. In fact, if you can postpone any change at all for at least a few days, you are likely to be much better off.

I’m certainly not one to ignore a good horoscope so for now I’m on the back porch of the rental cottage with the dogs not moving, listening to some exotic bird chatter, watching four sky divers sail down from great heights over the Hauula Forest Reserve, content to leave well enough alone for today. I’ve got five more days here before I have to move. The search can continue tomorrow.


One thought on “Adventures in the Mundane”

  1. Great piece here! I’m so glad to hear you’re allowing yourself to absorb and enjoy the wonders of your life right now. The perfect place will happen at the perfect moment. So will that relationship.


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