The Power of Confident Thinking

This morning when I woke up I thought to myself, Today is the day I get a job and find an apartment. An hour later I said it out loud to the dogs before I walked out the door, “Mama’s gonna come back with a job and a place for us to live!”

A lot can happen in a single day.

I knew I had the apartment because I got to Kaneohe early and went to the Starbucks to get an iced tea and a blueberry scone. I have no idea why I got a scone; I hate scones. I suppose it was because I was nervous and my stomach was empty, but never mind that. The reason I knew was because as I sat down to take my first bite And It Stoned Me by Van Morrison came on the store radio. That’s the first song I’ve played at every apartment I’ve moved into by myself since my Emerson dorm in 1995. It’s a personal tradition I’ve kept up for sixteen years and thirteen apartments.

It was the only sign I needed to relax and know that, in fact, everything is going to be just fine. The interview went well, the landlords are great and the apartment is perfect for the animals and me.

An hour later I got a call from Marriott Corporation human resources. I landed a full-time concierge job in the spa at the Waikiki Edition. It pays twice what I was making in Portland (no exaggeration) and comes with 100% covered health, dental, vision, etc. But wait, it gets better. My “uniform” is a white linen button down with white linen drawstring pants and flip flops (or as they say in Hawaii… slippahs). And I don’t start until September 6th. So besides a grand total of six hours of class, I am essentially on vacation (in Hawaii) for the next two weeks.

I also had my first class at Kapi’olani today. I loved every second of being a student again. The appreciation level is so much higher when you’re older and it’s your own dime. I celebrated with a trip to Office Depot to buy recycled notebooks with birds on them, because when it comes right down to it, I am a bona fide and boring nerd.

It’s all a little surreal. And honestly to say the apartment is mine is jumping the gun. Acceptance hinges on a doggie interview tomorrow morning. Considering the owners have already said they fully intend to love them (they’ve owned many themselves in the past), I’m not too concerned. Besides there’s no bad behavior a treat in the pocket can’t fix, right?

I took a leap of faith and the universe gave me a high five. I’m really happy right now and just so incredibly grateful. Om Mani Padme Hum.


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