And Then…

Dear Mr. Marriott,

My name is Jennifer. There’s no way you could know who I am because I haven’t started working for your company yet. I was hired last week to be a full-time spa concierge at the Waikiki EDITION. It’s the first step on the path of my new career in hospitality. My orientation is scheduled for Tuesday September 6th.

This afternoon I was sitting on the lawn at my school, Kapi’olani Community College. This summer I decided to sell everything I own, move to Hawaii and go back to school because I figured out what I want to do with the next phase of my life. I was laid off from my dream job, a career I held for ten years with the same company, in 2009. It took two years to get back on track and here I am, fully present and super excited for what’s in store.

I was sitting on the lawn reading your book “The Spirit to Serve, Marriott’s Way”. Despite the epic sunshine, glorious ocean breezes and multitude of hunky surfer dudes parading into my view, I remained engrossed. I have to say, I love reading your book.

I left school with a huge grin on my face and that pinch-me-I-must-be-dreaming feeling. Then I got home to a message no one wants to hear: “In light of recent events with The Waikiki EDITION, we would like to update you on your employment status with us.  Could you please give us a call…” Of course you know I didn’t receive promising news.

In that moment I realized I had two options: one was to burst into tears and let the fear take over, fully expecting the worst. I have no money left. The pursuit of this dream took an enormous leap of faith and without this job I can’t go to school, I can’t afford the apartment I just leased, I can’t stay in Hawaii… I could go on and on until my eyes became bloodshot. The other option was to stay positive in the belief that good things happen to those who work hard, to believe in the integrity of your words, and to recognize that lightening doesn’t strike the same spot twice, right? What are the chances of me losing two dream jobs in just one lifetime?

After taking my dog for a long walk to contemplate my choices, I decided to take a few calming breaths and get back to reading your book. I just finished and here’s what I would like to say: Mr. Marriott, I believe you.

I never fully believed in the bosses at my former company. From day one I was afraid they had no clue of what was going on. I didn’t see them as managers I could trust. Considering we’ve never met and I haven’t even had my orientation yet, it seems a little silly to say this but I can’t help feeling that it’s true: I believe in your ability to fix this problem and ensure my future with your company. I look forward to the opportunity to work with and learn from you.

I wish you and all of your associates the best as you work towards an amicable solution for everyone.

Thank you for your time,

Jennifer Lynch


3 thoughts on “And Then…”

  1. I sure hope he reads this letter. You did send it, right? You are so amazing, both as a writer, and as a women determined to make her dreams come true. This story is not finished, and I’m certain there will be a happier ending than you can imagine.


  2. Jenny, what is this??!!! I can’t believe it! BUT – have you heard any new news today? I saw an update on the link you posted that they returned ownership to Marriott. If this doesn’t do anything to change the situation, I hope you know this just means something tremendously better is on it’s way. It’s an inspiration to follow the journey of your transition. You are so strong. You have such incredible courage. You are going to be much more than just fine. I love you!


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