Scooped Up

I said it again to the dogs as I walked out the door yesterday morning. Today’s the day mama gets a job! And I did.

Assistant restaurant manager. 800 room hotel on the main drag of Waikiki. Salaried. Fully covered benefits. Parking. Free dry cleaning for the plethora of marked down Calvin Klein business suits I’ll be purchasing at Ross Dress for Less over the next few weeks.

It certainly won’t be as flashy as the famous chef’s famous restaurant. It won’t bring the same status, nor will it bring the same stress. I like to think I could have gotten that job if I continued with the process and put my all into it. And who knows? Maybe I could have. But I’m not that person anymore and it didn’t break my heart to walk away. I don’t want to put that level of energy into my work again. I do want another career, but more importantly, I want to leave room for other things too.

Besides, I spent a lot of years working for the guys who made it seem like I was lucky to be allowed to work for them. And I can’t help but think the swanky place would be a continuation of that type of drama. I’m happy to have found folks who feel lucky to have hired me, even if it means they’re not as “cool”.

The job I took is the exact same position, except it’s 50 hours instead of 60, I’ll never have to get up at 4:00 in the morning, and get this – it’s more money. My new boss said, “We wanted to scoop you up before someone else did.” That put a smile on my face.

I really went all out in celebration. A full tank of gas, a grilled vegetable panini from the culinary department at school and chocolate fro-yo with sprinkles at the mall. Here’s to leaving room in my life to actually have a life. And here’s to continuing to develop it on my own terms.


3 thoughts on “Scooped Up”

  1. So very happy for you!

    I just read yesterday Mary Oliver saying she never took work that was too interesting because it would distract her from her writing. This sounds like the perfect job for you right now – in the field you aspire to, but allowing all kinds of freedom for you to soar (and maybe write) from.


  2. Salary! Benefits! Free parking! Free dry cleaning! Free rooms for friends from Oregon who come to visit?!

    Congrats! We are so excited for you! We are glad that they noticed what we all already knew – that you are awesome.

    Good luck!


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