Live Your Life

You could be lying in a field of grass, this one at school, just out of the sun under the shade of a tree you don’t know the name of. The clouds might be skeletal, slowly floating past as you recap a morning of massive failure. You could be stuck in a moment of feeling really sorry for yourself. Cue Bono… you’ve got to get yourself together / you’ve got stuck in a moment and you can’t get out of it

You could be looping in a funk of misery. New job stress (one of the employees does in fact hate you already). Delirium (60 hours in 6 days). Hormonal disruption (menstrual cycle taunting you from the horizon). Maybe these things add up and maybe they don’t. Either way they’re not what breaks your back. That straw is the lonely. That straw is the quiet house and the empty bed. The lack of human interaction in the middle of the night when you want to tell someone about how you kind of love your new boss and kind of hate him too.

That straw is the guy at school who acted as though he liked you that day you were volunteering and talked for hours but then chose to do nothing with your phone number.

You could be lying in that grass oblivious to the beauty around you, only able to think of what you don’t have. Then you might do something random like leave school, go to the bank and happen upon the nicest branch manager ever created. And if you’re really lucky this person might turn your entire day around, giving you instant access to the $500 check from the Bank of Mom & Dad that is technically supposed to be held for eight business days. Eight business days that would leave you destitute considering the complete lack of funds in your account and the first paycheck that is still more than a week away.

She might make a joke, ease your stress and send you back out into the world with a new song in your head. Just live your life / no telling where it’ll take ya / just live your life

Thank you Bank of Hawaii Kaneohe Branch Manager. Thank you.


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