The Joys of Womanhood

One nice thing about hormonal imbalances is they don’t last long. The pendulum is swift and before you know if you’re caught in a giggle fest over a picture of the various uses for Q-tips. Wax your eyebrows. Clean your keyboard. Stick it up your baby’s nose.

It happens to me every month. First is Clumsy Day, second comes Woe Is Me Day and finally Everything Is Funny Day. Naturally I prefer this over dropping things or crying in my car, but it still feels off.

Of course I understand that this period of my life will one day be looked back upon fondly as the time I got myself to exactly where I wanted to be. I know I’m lucky for all the wonderful things that have come to pass. I know my bed won’t be empty forever.

Some days are just harder than others and I get wrapped up in the fear that I’ve done something terribly wrong, something irrevocable that will forever be visible to passersby but not to me, something that screams, “Don’t pick her! She’s tainted!”

For now, my chin is back up. Today I get to attend a restaurant equipment convention to pick out new tables for the cafe. The sun is shining. It’s 80 degrees. The dogs are napping on the lanai and everything is back to normal.


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