Back on the Trail

8:00 am and it’s already 80 degrees in Kaneohe. Driving too fast over the Pali Highway, windows down, dogs stretched out across the backseat. Ditty Bops, Foo Fighters, Conchords on the iPod as we head back to the Mariner’s Ridge trail, our new favorite spot.

I’ve been working ten-hour shifts at the café, sometimes feeling swallowed up by the new job. But today is a day off. Today is for hiking and flea baths, grocery shopping and surfing the internet at Starbucks.

I’m struggling to figure out this new land and find satisfaction in what progress I’ve made so far. Culture shock is setting in and though I’m starting to make friends I still pine for intimacy, more than anything someone to touch. But if I can stay in this moment, the one where I’m sitting on the summit of a very windy peak, flanked by dogs on each side, when all I can see is sky and mountain and ocean… then I can remember to trust that everything is OK and good. Life is moving forward even if it feels like a snail’s pace.

There is room in my life for someone to join in. My eyes are open and I’m paying attention to everyone I meet. But for now it’s still just me being me doing the things I love, pineapple coconut smoothie in one hand, dog leashes in the other.


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