Thirty Days on Oahu

For anyone new to my blog, I started it last fall to document my experience with a forty-day juice fast. It’s the coolest thing I’ve ever done (the fast, not the documentation) and I continued the blog as I dove into National Novel Writing Month and wrote a memoir about moving cross-country, starting a business and embarking on this next phase of my life.

After selling my business I packed my bags once again, put the pets on an airplane for the first time and moved myself to Hawaii.

I’m blessed. I have a great life here. I landed on this rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and immediately found a job in the new field I’m pursuing and a place to live. I’ve made new friends, gone back to school and had numerous opportunities to lounge entire days away on the most pristinely gorgeous beaches imaginable.

Life is stellar and yet… I’m lonely. More than anything in the world I want someone to share this all with. Stuck in the sadness of what I pine for, I’m striking out with guys left and right. It’s almost comical. Clearly the universe is trying to tell me something and clearly I’ve been too stubborn to listen.

To paraphrase a friend, I hate that a little discomfort in my otherwise perfect life makes me feel like the reason I’m single is I’m doing something wrong. Because maybe I’m doing everything right.

So it’s time to shake things up. National Novel Writing season is here again and while I have little interest in participating, I do have a strong urge to be productive with the month of November. To be precise the urge is this: to concentrate fully on all the good and continue to work towards not worrying about the nonexistent.

That’s where Thirty Days on Oahu comes in. For the month of November this will become a travel blog – I’ll post about a different Hawaii specific adventure everyday in celebration of the totally fuckin’ rad place I’ve gotten myself to. If there’s anything or place you’re curious about let me know and I’ll add it to the list. And if anything piques your interest after you read about it, be sure to hop on a plane and come visit!

Thanks for tuning in! Click to subscribe and join me on the adventure. Much love to you all!


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