Day 7 – Sunset Beach, North Shore

Day 7

Destination: Sunset Beach, North Shore – best known for its world class surfing

Focus: Sports and Recreation

Soundtrack for the drive: Ghandharva on the way up (hooray for hand drumming!) and Kings of Leon all the way back.

Quote of the Day:t It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom ~ Aristotle

I’ve heard that the surfers here often hit the waves before heading into the office and I want to see if it’s true, so this morning I’m driving up the Kahekili Highway to Oahu’s famous North Shore. It’s one lane from Haiku all the way up so I’m lucky to be driving against traffic. Once I get to Ka’a’awa the guardrails disappear and there’s only a few feet of road and a few feet of sand separating my car from the ocean.

It’s pouring in Sunset Beach when I arrive at 8 am but the waves are still filled with diehards just as I expected. Rain does not deter the North Shore surfer. A little farther up the road, Pupukea is completely dead. No waves, no cars. So I turn around and go back to Sunset.

There’s a great bike path with lots of folks out walking their dogs. I take the pups for a stroll before checking out the beach and the rain clears up.

The surfing action is impressive. I wish I had a telephoto lens to catch some better pictures. For all I know these guys could be the professionals.

The rain soon returns as a heavy downpour as surfers continue to arrive and run out into the water. It’s a bit of a downer for the casual observer and her dogs, but luckily she knows what will cheer her up: going to Ted’s Bakery for a blueberry muffin and a pineapple soda.

Another mile down the road a quick perusal of the Kahuku Land farm stand for avocados and limes is what really puts the smile back on my face. The ladies I photograph joke about the white girl making memories of them and I score a pretty nice booty for two measly bucks.

I’m still learning about how the ocean works, when the waves are big and where and why. In the future I’ll plan to come up here and watch a surfing competition. It all seemed so exciting in that true story  Soul Surfer movie about Bethany Hamilton who got her arm bit off by a shark as a teenager off the coast of Kauai. She never stopped surfing and went on to become a professional! Truly amazing!

Another morning well spent.

Lesson learned: It’s never too early for a Waialua Pineapple Soda.

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