Day 8 – Ala Moana

Day 8

Destination: Ala Moana Center and Regional Park, Downtown Honolulu

Focus: Shopping, Tourist, Beach Park

Soundtrack for the drive: VH-1 Storytellers – Johnny Cash & Willie Nelson

Quote of the Day: When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around ~ Willie Nelson

There’s more to Ala Moana than the mall, but with almost 300 shops and a food court that will make your eyes pop out of your head, it’s easy to imagine spending a whole day here dutifully plugging your hard earned cash into the corporate greed machine. Everywhere you look there are sun drenched outdoor walkways like these:

This is where my mom and I went shopping for a dress for my first job interviews on the island. And that may be my only memory of clothes shopping with my mother ever. Ha!

Across the street are the marina where tourist attraction boats leave for parasailing and sport fishing tours, and the Ala Moana Regional Park.

The park seems to be frequented by transplants. Not locals or tourists, but folks like me who are from the mainland and moved here, people who live in downtown Honolulu. The waves are nice and mellow which attracts the stand up paddlers and swimmers, and there are always a few volleyball nets up. The beach is dotted with the lucky few who don’t have to go to work this morning.

Coming here with the friend I visited last February to play after-work-beach-volleyball with his group of friends is one of the things that convinced me to make the move. Up until then I thought of Hawaii as a place to retire to. I had only gone to Kauai and the Big Island. It wasn’t until I came to Oahu and had the chance to hang out with people my age with similar backgrounds that I realized I could check this dream off the list right now. No need to wait ’til my sixties or seventies to enjoy paradise.

On the south side, Kewalo Basin Park offers a sweeping view of Ala Moana, Downtown and Diamond Head.

No lessons today, just a nice time spent soaking up some sun before work.


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