Day 9 – Hawaii State Art Museum

Day 9

Destination: The Hawaii State Art Museum, shortened to HiSAM because they obviously don’t want to be known as the HAM, is housed on the second floor of the No. 1 Capitol District Building downtown on Hotel Street. A relatively new arrival, it opened in 2002. Admission is always free and the current exhibit is called “Where We Live: Portraits and Visions of Hawaii”.

Focus: Art, Culture

Soundtrack for the drive: Wilco Sky Blue Sky – some of the best songs ever written are contained on this album with some of the best guitar playing I’ve ever heard. (Dear Nels Cline, I heart you. Are you kidding me with Impossible Germany and Side with the Seeds?? Seriously, I heart you forever.)

Quote of the Day: Embracing the situation is our only chance to be free ~ Jeff Tweedy

My appreciation and understanding of art are as limited as could be. Basically I like pieces that are pretty and don’t make me think or frown. Last week I went to the First Friday gallery openings with a friend and was so relieved when he, just like me, took a quick glance at the politically charged main exhibit complete with bloody dollar bills and then made a bee line for the really cool mobile with origami fish folded out of old maps in the back corner. Like true comrades in arms, we spent ten minutes at the gallery then made our way to the rest of our friends at the bar down the street.

This morning at HiSAM when I was greeted with John Buck’s “provocative view of social and political world realities… balanced with optimism and hope”, I literally watched as it flew over my head like the fireflies in his metaphorical jar wish they could.

But as I moved down the wall towards Huc-Mazelet Luquiens’ etchings of palm trees swaying in the Hawaiian breeze, an enormous grin took over my face from ear to ear. I just love these!







And I love what Luquiens said about his arrival here in 1917: “When I first saw Hawaii I knew it was home.” That’s how I felt at my first glance of Kauai in 2005 from the air before the plane even landed.

I also really enjoyed this painting by Isami Doi because it looks exactly like a photograph I took on my second trip to Kauai. I recognized it immediately as Waimea Canyon.

And naturally I really dug this little dude. I apologize for not taking note of the artist.

Lesson learned: When your day starts out with ominous signs, torrential rains and a trailhead you can’t find in a town you’ve never been to; when you’re sitting in class all by yourself wondering where everyone is until you remember that class was canceled for the day and you didn’t need to come in; when you get hungry and realize you’ve forgotten your wallet at home for the first time in your life… don’t get frustrated. Embrace what the universe is trying to tell you. Catch a free exhibit at a museum then turn around and go home. Take the rest of the day off and do nothing but chillax (local pidgin combo of chill and relax) on your lanai. You won’t regret it.


One thought on “Day 9 – Hawaii State Art Museum”

  1. Oh my goodness…reading your lessons learned it seems like you certainly had an interesting day. Thanks for the all the posts…I’ve been keeping up with all of them and I feel like somehow, while my very pregnant butt sits on this couch in Oregon I’m actually going with you on warm Hawaii adventures. Also, I totally LOL’d at your comment about how you like art that doesn’t make you frown. I feel the same way. 😉


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