Day 17 – Koko Crater Botanical Garden

Day 17

Destination: Number two out of five, Koko Crater Botanical Garden takes up the 60-acre basin of Koko Crater in the south east corner of Oahu. Because of the hot, dry climate here the primary focus is a dryland collection of plants from the Americas and Africa. Stepping into this crater is like walking into a mini desert. It’s delightfully overcast today. I can imagine it getting pretty hot and toasty when the sun is shining.

Focus: Botanical Garden

Soundtrack for the drive: Tracy Bonham, Blink the Brightest

Quote of the Day: Look up, look up, look all around you. Can’t you see the love that surrounds the very soul of you? ~ T-Bo Fine

For the love of god will someone please hire me to be a professional flower photographer?! Is it really too much to ask?

I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon than ambling the two mile path that circles the inside of Koko Crater. It’s possible that makin’ love in the green grass would beat it but at this precise moment I’m not convinced. First up is the Plumeria grove and I could stay in this spot for hours. I’ve taken at least 37 pictures of the same type of flower and it’s not getting old.

If you’re lucky I’ll save up for a photo printer and you’ll all get a “Jennifer Lynch Original” for Christmas (frame not included). Yah, you’re welcome.

Of course there are other types of flowers further down the path,

and cool trees,

and these things:

It’s wild to experience all of this life on the floor of what could just be a dead, arid dust bowl.

Omigod I love it here. This is my most favoritest pastime of them all.


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