Day 18 – Hale’iwa

Day 18

Destination: Hale’iwa Town

Focus: Artsy town, shopping, dining

Soundtrack for the drive: R.E.M., Out of Time

Quote of the Day: Drag your thoughts away from your troubles… by the ears, by the heels, or any other way you can manage it ~ Mark Twain

I love Hale’iwa town! I daydreamed of working at Turtle Bay (the only resort on the North Shore) and living in Hale’iwa before moving here. It’s as far away from the hubbub of downtown Honolulu and the tourist scene of Waikiki as you can get.

The Kamehameha Highway slows down and becomes the main drag through town up here. There are all kinds of eclectic shops with quasi-bohemian names like One Love Surf Shop and the Aloha General Store. This is a great place to find handmade artisan creations, galleries, awesome souvenirs and excellent food in both restaurant and food cart form. (I also daydreamed of opening the Oahu version of my Portland food cart here.) We’re right where the white oval sticker is to the left of the hula girl pictured below.

Conventiently located west of Sunset, Pupukea and Banzai Pipeline and east of Mokule’ia, Hale’iwa is considered by many to be the surfing capital of the world. It has two beach parks of its own and is the commercial center for the entire North Shore. The amount of surfers and surf shops up here is just silly. You can rent gear, take lessons or brave the waves on your own.

The last time I was here with my mom and we ate at Hale’iwa Eats Thai. It ruled and I will take you there if you come visit. Today I’m noshing on NYC style pizza from Spaghettini. Having lived in New York City for six years and, more importantly, having given up veganism in order to eat the pizza of said city (yes, I really did that) I consider myself a pizza connoisseur. Kudos to Spaghettini for gettin’ it right!

Hale’iwa is also home to Matsumoto’s which supposedly serves up the best shave ice in the state. Shave ice and I do not get along. I just think it’s gross, so sorry, no report on that.

However, on my way out of town I’m super psyched to find a brand new Lanikai Juice opened up. I was offered a job with them when I first arrived. Unfortunately it was an $8/hr. counter help position, which would not come anywhere close to covering my bills. It was nice to meet the staff and get to know the menu though. This is my kind of place for sure – all natural fruit smoothies, like as in they’re actually made with fruit instead of ice cream or sorbet, tons of local organic options, fresh squeezed juices, spirulina, acai berries – if it’s healthy they’ve got it! Today I’m going for a large Da Kine made with orange, Maui pineapple, papaya, lilikoi and banana. It is 100% sweet perfection and I am in a coma of bliss for the entire ride home!

Plan for next time: Check out Cholo’s Homestyle Mexican

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