Day 25 – Makiki Valley

Day 25

Destination: The Tantalus Mountains in the Honolulu Watershed Forest Reserve are home to an extensive web of hiking trails and one of the coolest roads I’ve ever driven – Round Top Drive. Today I’m hiking the Moleka Trail to Makiki Ridge and down into ‘Ualaka’a Park, but first an unexpected and totally awesome stop for lunch at The Loving Hut on South King Street.

Focus: Hiking, Nature, Food – Vegan

Soundtrack for the drive: Yesterday sucked, as in worst Thanksgiving ever. Up until yesterday I had never actually had a bad one. At no point in the day was I capable of turning my mood around or finding a happy place to retreat to. So I’m starting today off right with big laughs from the comedy stylings of Flight of the Conchords.

Quote of the Day: There ain’t no party like my nana’s tea party, hey, ho ~ Bret McKenzie

You may be starting to wonder, My god how many times is this girl going to take a walk in the woods with her dogs and tell us about it? The answer, my friend, is I could do this every day for the rest of my life and it would NEVER GET OLD. Lucky for you there’s only six more days in the month of November and I’ve got some non-woodsy adventures planned, but trust if you stay subscribed to my blog you will see more of this in the future.

As I already mentioned, yesterday blew a big fat dog turd which means today calls for two very important things: laughter and time spent amongst the trees to flush out the bad and inhale the good.

A few things are interfering with my mood these days. First, my job is not cracking up to be all I hoped it would be, especially the part about the jerky boss. I have trouble with authority. This is not news to anyone. The difference this time is that more than thinking my boss is an idiot and I could do his job ten times better than he does, I also think he’s kind of a jackass. Second, being in the tropics for the holiday season is weird. I miss my friends and family, but it’s the weather and the general lack of enthusiasm from the people around me that’s causing the synapses of my brain to misfire. It’s just tropical vacationville here with very few signs of holiday spirit and it does not compute.

But today is a new day and it’s starting off with a bang. I got a late start and felt hungry when I arrived in Makiki (Obama’s neighborhood). I took Punahou down to King hoping to find a café or convenience store to grab a snack and stumbled upon The Loving Hut. Happiness! It’s an absolutely delicious all vegan restaurant that makes a killer lunch combo with potato curry, eggplant tofu and brown rice. I got one to go with some summer rolls and a Hansen’s root beer and made my way back to Makiki and up Round Top Drive.

Round Top Drive is incredible. Miles of non-stop switchbacks, lush tropical greenery and views to die for.

I stopped at a view point to eat lunch and looked out onto Pearl Harbor.

And before I knew it I was deep in the woods.

In here all my frustrations evaporate and I can breathe.

This is my bliss, my peace, my serenity.

This is time spent in a fashion that feels right and good.

And this image of my dogs’ backsides as they sprint off to discover the way through the bamboo and the mud and the sun is the epitome of joy to me.

I am happy here and I will continue to come back for as long as I am able.

Lesson learned: How dumb am I? I just realized today that the main memory card I use for my digital camera only holds 48 pictures while the back up one I hardly ever pull out holds 650! I’ve been deleting half my pictures because I keep running out of space and forgetting about my back up. It’s time to stop shooting automatic and actually learn how to use my camera.

5 thoughts on “Day 25 – Makiki Valley

  1. I’d like to argue your statement about not doing well with authority. I don’t think it’s the authority you have a problem with but the stupidity of the people often placed into authority (like your current boss and the people at the last job). I remember those stories and you’re not crazy for thinking the way you do. There are some truly stupid people in this world and you’re a very intelligent and well spoken person so I would imagine it’s hard to deal with those idiots. One day, you will be your own boss again and these experiences will make you that much better. You’ll be one of those people that employees love to work for.


  2. beautiful! i love these photos. i, too, had the worst day ever yesterday. walking my dog always makes me feel better. but i live in a place where it’s 20 degrees. so… not quite as much fun.


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