Day 27 – Sunrise over Makapu’u and Sweet Home Waimanalo

Day 27

Destination: Since I watched the sun set at the far western tip of the island it seems only fitting to watch it rise on the far eastern tip. This is why I’m up before six, packing the dogs into the Subaru and making my way south to Makapu’u Point. After the hike I plan to eat breakfast at Sweet Home Waimanalo.

Focus: Nature, Food – Local, Organic

Soundtrack for the drive: Mumford & Sons, Sigh No More

Quote of the Day: Love, it will not betray you, dismay or enslave you. It will set you free, make you more like the man you were made to be ~ Marcus Mumford

We climb the hill against the wind in the pre-dawn light. Rounding the corner at the top, this is what greets us.

All I can say is sunset schmunset. Sun rise is where it’s at.

The landscape is dry, a mini high desert at the edge of the ocean, with straw-like grasses and cacti dotting the hill.

I love the color of the light in the morning.

The gold and the grey remind me of Cape Cod and Long Island.

At the top you can look down and see the U.S. Coast Guard lighthouse which is still in use and off limits to the public. The winds are intense. My hair is blowing every which way and I’m afraid if I turn my head too far to the side my glasses will go flying off my face.

Humpback whales frequent this area all winter. They come to Hawaii to mate then travel back up to the northern Pacific to give birth. I don’t see any today but I’ll be back.

The second part of the morning is spent devouring the most delicious breakfast I’ve ever had at Sweet Home Waimanalo, also known as my new favorite restaurant. This place is amazing and this breakfast is to die for. Coconut french toast, scrambled eggs, fresh fruit and a perfect blend of pineapple, mango and papaya.

Should I eat every last bite of this masterful indulgence? Of course not. But will I? Hell’s yeah! And I will be back for more very soon.

This restaurant is striving to be all local and waste free. All of their plates, cups and plasticware are compostable. They’ve built an organic garden on their roof and have potted herbs all around the front seating area.

It’s windy here too but I’m enjoying the sun and the view from the picnic table in front of the cafe.

If you live here definitely check this place out (and be sure to invite me). The owners live on a farm in the back of the valley and also hold events and teach classes on permaculture. The cafe has a little shop inside too.

Lesson learned: Next time bring a hair tie. Yeesh.

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