First Day

I started a new job today as an assistant manager for an espresso-smoothie-gelato bar at a high-end retailer at the Ala Moana mall. Aside from the standard benefits and less hours/higher salary miracle (oh my freakin’ gawd I get overtime pay too!), the perks of this job are pretty fantastic. I get about $20 worth of fresh all natural gourmet food for free every single day and a fantastic store discount that is good even on the sale merchandise at the outlet store where I will now do most of my shopping.

Add to all that an intelligent manager, a store culture of ambition combined with immaculate organization, and the sunshine that was streaming down on my face this morning… and I’ve got one heck of a new job!

In a nutshell I’m going to be making good money to work reasonable hours (outside in Hawaii!), to eat really well and to learn from people I already respect and look up to.

My horoscope wasn’t kidding when it said 2012 would begin on a pleasing note. Things are getting easier for you, dear Pisces. Yes indeed they are.


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