I Can Run A Mile Without Keeling Over

This is my starting point: One pair of decent sneakers that I bought before I left Portland with a coupon I got for a one time 50% discount at the Adidas employee store. One sports bra, one tank top, one pair of spandex pants. One dog who is happy to jog with me, one who is not. One .9 mile loop around my neighborhood that I can complete without keeling over.

I think I’m off to a great start. Tobi and I have been jogging almost every day for a week and a half. Today I even got Banjo in on the action. The weather has to be just right and he’s only willing to jog in the direction of home, but it’s something rather than nothing so I’ll take it.

The next step is gathering support. First and most important is you guys. You’re my closest friends and family plus a bunch of folks I’ve never met. [Hi folks I’ve never met, you rock!] I write, you read and give feedback. I feel compelled to do more so I can write more. It’s a beautiful cycle.

Friends who run have already been recommending books, giving me advice and generally cheering me on. My friend Diana just started a running blog as she gears up for her first ultra. Go Diana!

Second is joining some sort of running club so I can see what it’s like to be surrounded by people who do this for real. This week I’m going to check out Faerber’s Flyers. They’re a group dedicated to encouraging and improving women’s running in Hawaii. They meet for a workout every Wednesday at the UH track. And I’m also looking into the Mid-Pacific Road Runners Club, which is the largest club here. They do weekly runs and organize over 20 races a year. It’s so exciting to think I might run my first race this year!


5 thoughts on “I Can Run A Mile Without Keeling Over”

  1. Jenny you are off to MORE than a good start. Once again I am inspired by you and your commitment to your goals. Following this is sure to help me commit to mine. Can’t wait to see what unfolds…I’ve never really liked to run, but I’ve thought about marathons here and there as friends love them. Hmmm…..


  2. LOVE IT; I ran cross country in high school, ran distance races in the Navy, ran with neighbors while we lived in London and also ran with Peter Wolhfarth.around Rogers Park. But sadly like sking those days are gone. Have fun learn to pace yourself, run with friends, start slow, do your warm-ups. ENJOY. Just a tad envious.


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