People Say

My landlord says he’s not concerned about the cockroaches in my food because since the electricity got shut off I can’t use my refrigerator anyway.

Julian, who has no idea that I keep a blog or fancy myself an amateur memoirist, says, “Think of this as the adventure chapter for your book!”

BC says, “If it’s any consolation, cold water is really good for your circulation.”

And the kind, but sort of a little bit weird, lady who shared my table in the food court this afternoon says I should get a storage space and put the pets in it. Then I could move into a hotel. The absurdity of that suggestion and, more so, her genuine sincerity in offering it up did the best thing possible in a shitty situation. It put a smile on my face. Then she said she was surprised to hear I’m a manager since I look like I’m 24.

And with that I will officially decide that this is not the worst thing that has ever happened to me.

If I can survive 40 days without food, I can survive two weeks without electricity and hot water.


2 thoughts on “People Say”

  1. Yet another chapter in a sometimes challenging but overall amazing adventure for you. So sorry to hear the new place isn’t sizing up. Ugh!! Love you!


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