Read This Book

Easter starts at 6:00 am at my new house. I live in a detached cottage on a family’s property in Wailupe Valley, nestled between mountain ridges, a few blocks from the ocean. Hawaii is dotted with these types of abodes, they’re called ohana units. Ohana being the Hawaiian word for family.

My new landlords have taken me in like no others. They are a family of four: stay-at-home-mom, mostly-stay-at-home-dad, stunningly beautiful 4-year old girl and ridiculously adorable 2-year old boy. They bring me eggs from their ranch on the North Shore. The yard is fenced in and they insist on letting the dogs chill outside all day while I’m at work. I love them.

Anyway the whole point of this ramble is that I expected to feel really tired this morning considering last night I stayed up reading well past 2:00 am. One hundred twenty five pages into Born To Run I cannot put it down. But even though I was woken up by The World’s Cutest Family Egg Hunt a mere four hours after I fell asleep, I feel great. I’m cross-legged on the couch diving back into the book with no desire to come up for air until I’m finished.

Family and friends have been arriving, dressed to the nines in their best pastels, for hours. The dogs are in heaven from all the attention and I just heard someone yell, “Banjo came in!” The family loves him so much they let him hang out on their couch, but it’s crowded in there this morning and before long he’s pushed out the back door. He zooms around the house at top speed to tackle Tobi by the pool in the front yard.

I will come up for air because I’m lucky and I get to spend Easter brunch with my new group of girlfriends, but for the next hour it’s just me, Chris McDougall and his crazy cast of characters.

If you’re a runner, and at least a handful of you are, then you have to read this book. If you like adventure stories and history or just good writing, you have to read this book. And if you’re my dad, you’ll get to crack open my copy while you lounge on the deck of your Diamond Head vacation rental when you come visit me in two weeks. Lucky you!

But seriously folks, read this book.


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