Inspiration Everywhere

Call me an asshole if you will, it is certainly warranted in this case, but I had gone ahead and made the blanket assumption that all ultra runners are A) freaks of nature, B) total spazzes and C) weird and annoying. Luckily the book got me googling the ol’ interwebs and I stumbled across this guy*:

Anton Krupicka, ultra runner extraordinaire, winner of many of the longest and most grueling races of all time. On top of running up to 180 miles each week, the dude summits a mountain almost daily. Allow me to repeat that for necessary emphasis… he runs up a mountain just about EVERY SINGLE DAY! Then he turns around and runs back down and home as if it were nothing.

At first I figured I just liked him for his stupidly hot body, his flowy Jesus locks and the flannel-shirt-wearin’/livin’-in-Boulder-Colorado-all-mountain-man-like life he’s got going on. (We all know how lonely for male company I’ve been.) But the more Youtube videos I checked out the more I realized I like him because he’s mellow and authentic. It’s simple really, he seems to have no choice but to run, so he runs. It brings him joy.

His blog lists all the races he’s competed in. While he has plenty of impressive wins, he’s also got a bunch of DNF’s – as in Did Not Finish. So here is a man who can shatter records running non-stop for more than 15 hours at a time, somehow keeping it modest and real. That’s something I can definitely dig!

Most people look at him and think he’s an oddity. They could never do what he does and he’s going to break himself in the process anyway. But I gotta tell ya, there is something about watching him run that makes me believe we are all capable of the same thing. It’s not so much physical ability as it is mental. Mind over matter. There are things we are simply born capable of. It’s up to us to decide to make it all happen.

It brought me right back to my juice fast. Just like I had to believe I could go 40 days without food, he has to believe he can run 100 miles without stopping. That can be a conscious choice if we want it to be!

This man is truly inspiring. Because of him I ran four miles on back-to-back days and I can’t wait to do more. Thanks for being awesome Anton!

Check him out!

*I did not take this picture, nor do I know who did. Just found it on the web.


4 thoughts on “Inspiration Everywhere”

  1. He’s certainly an inspiration. Also, a guy like this one would be the perfect guy for you. I am certain that you will attract someone this awesome because you’re pretty damn great yourself. Keep runnin’!


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